Sunday, March 25, 2018

Topic 1 for 3/28 - "Is Capital Punishment a reasonable deterrent to crime in the United States?"

Capital Punishment Debate Starter File - on Google Drive
Regardless of your personal stance, be sure to research the Pro/Affirmative side as well as the Con/Negative position, as a good rhetorician will always be ready to throw down with your competition, no matter which side you would personally declare.

As you do your own supplemental research, always be certain to practice safe surfing while online. At each new fact, check your website's credibility; consider what companies are publishing this information, and which teams of researchers are compiling the data you'll be relying on. Keep track of where your information is coming from -- who benefits by having you thinking in the ways that you are being persuaded or led? How might your debate be best supported, and where would that information likely come from? For many, the research is the most enjoyable part of the Debate experience.

Remember, in a debate, you are using your abilities of Claim / Evidence / Warrant (ie: Argument) to both launch a claim and defend against your opponent's counters and rebuttals.

Check back for an update regarding the "How To" of Lincoln-Douglass, Forum, and Policy-style debates formats.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Welcome to #FZNMockTrial's "Wednesday Debates"

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